The Corps was asked to consider supplying a safety boat for this event which was to take place in Scarborough. The event would form part of the world championships and would have competitors from around the world.

More than 400 competitors and support staff from countries including, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, France, Germany and Sweden took part in eight days of racing.

The initial request came from the Coastguard after direct talks with the organisers. It was agreed that cover using the Pioner Multi could be supplied. The crew would be Willie McMartin, Dave Weller and John Wilkinson. The boat was taken to the event site on the Friday evening and parked in a secure location for the night.

9th June 2007

On the Saturday morning the crew arrived at 0745hrs and towed the boat onto the beach. Following discussions with the organisers, the head of safety and the race paramedic, it was agreed that IRC would form part of the safety patrol group inside the circuit. This would allow them access to the complete course and IRC would back up the existing safety craft. The day was uneventful and the IRC crew had no reason to respond to any incidents.

As the afternoon passed a request was made by the paramedic, that after the close of racing, IRC should take part in a short recovery exercise of a spinal injury from the water. The paramedic, who was also a safety swimmer had not used a bow entry in such circumstances and was keen to try out the system. A casualty was placed in the water from a safety boat and the paramedic, fully equipped for the task also entered the water.

IRC was called in and made an approach to the casualty with the bow entry door down. A spine board was placed over the bow by the crew and the paramedic helped float the casualty into position. The crew then recovered the casualty and the paramedic into the boat.

It was then agreed to run a second scenario and to rig the spine board in a different manner, making it easier for the crew to keep hold of it whilst the casualty was floated onto it. The second pick up went without a flaw and all were pleased that if required we could easily recover a badly injured casualty from the water and transport them to pre hospital care on shore.

10th June 2007

During the first session on the Sunday one of the competition boats overturned during the race. The race was immediately stopped and the event safety boats attended. A rescue swimmer entered the water from a small response boat and supported the casualty; IRC were asked to recover them from the water and this was carried out using the bow entry door. Once the casualty was on board the paramedic joined the crew and instructed the team to take the casualty to the ambulance point on the beach where a doctor was available to attend. This was done and the casualty was taken ashore. IRC then returned to station for the next race.

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Once again a competition boat overturned only, this time, the driver, on being thrown into the water, was struck on the head by a following boat. The race was immediately stopped and the safety boats attended. The paramedic entered the water and supported the casualty. He then asked IRC to pick the casualty from the water. Once again this was carried out via the bow entry door. The paramedic was happy for the crew to transport the casualty to the beach and did not join them. Once passed to the team on shore the IRC boat returned to station. The day passed with no other rescue events happening.

Willie McMartin
Team Leader

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