1620hrs – Call from Rab Barrie to advise Northern have placed offer of help to Cumbria Police in relation to a missing person. Scottish region to check availability for a boat crew (4 staff)

1622hrs – Text message sent to all ops staff requesting availability for potential search by Paul Baxter

1625hrs – Reply from those contacted

1625hrs – 4 staff available; Willie McMartin; Rab Barrie; Jamie Buchanan; David Dawson

1627hrs – Offer accepted; Willie McMartin issued instruction to mobilise with RV set for Bo’Ness Fire Station. Telephone call made to staff to advise on instruction

1630hrs – Willie McMartin called to advise Ambulance will move with Zeegul; He will use his vehicle to tow Pioneer allowing for team to split into two locations if required.

1632hrs – Willie McMartin called to advise missing person had been lost since 2200hrs on Tuesday 18 Aug. No blue lights will be used to travel.

The following is an article from the internet reporting on the missing person


Sea search for missing man called off

Last updated 09:15, Thursday, 20 August 2009

Coastguards search for missing man off Whitehaven while a lifeboat takes to the sea

Whitehaven coastguards and RNLI lifeboat crew ended their search at about 4pm on Wednesday because of the poor weather conditions and the amount of time since the incident was reported.

Jamie King, sector manager for the Coastguard Agency, said: “We’ve terminated the search but we have given it our best shot.”

Fishermen had rushed to the aid of the man at 10pm on Tuesday, throwing him a life ring. But it was too late and the men lost sight of him off the West pier.

Earlier on Wednesday, St Bees RNLI, along with Whitehaven and Maryport coastguards, had been searching theSaltomBaycoastline. Paul Parkes, watch manager forLiverpoolcoastguard, said at the time: “Whilst we want to remain optimistic, we need to be realistic. The chance of this man’s survival is very slim.

“Our sea search has been suspended, our guide for the survival times for someone in that situation, would be around two hours.”

RNLI crews from St Bees, Maryport and Workington worked with Whitehaven coastguards and an RAF rescue helicopter fromAngleseyto find the man. Mr King said: “A 999 call was made just after 10pm [on Tuesday] from people fishing on the West pier at Whitehaven. They reported a man had jumped off the harbour wall off the seaward side of the harbour.”

TheLiverpool coastguard centre alerted Whitehaven coastguard about the incident. Police and fire and rescue services and an ambulance were called out at 10.20pm and helped to light up the area for the search.  Three lifeboats and a RAF helicopter went to look for him when he was seen to enter the water off the harbour’s West breakwater.

Mr King added: “We fired white flares to illuminate the area off West pier to try and locate the person. The water was choppy and it was raining heavily. The conditions were very poor for searching for someone in the water.”

Police have been trying to identify the man, who is described as 5ft 10ins tall, with short dark hair and possibly stubble. He is believed to be in his late 20s or early 30s and was wearing a dark jacket with reflective stripes and dark trousers.


1632hrs – All staff arrived and now en route to location

1740hrs – Contact from John Wilkinson to Willie McMartin explaining he had arrived at the Police station. Coastguard advise search now scaling down, unlikely to need IRC input. Willie McMartin stood teams (Scotland and Northern) down

1905hrs – Call from Willie McMartin to advise boat and vehicles returned and all staff en route home


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