Missing Person Search – 26th October 2012

At approx 11.30 I was contacted by Willie who explained he had been talking to Ray who found out that a young man had jumped off the Humber Bridge and could IRC offer to search part of the Humber.
I contacted Ray and explained the conversation I had with Willie and we both agreed to carry out a search over the coming weekend. I contacted a further four northern region members and explained the situation and to meet at the national stores 05.45 pick up boats and kit and meet at Ray’s house at approx 08.00.

27th October 2012

Team members arrived at stores and departed for Beverley to pick up Ray and Julie. Ray had got some information about the incident. On Monday 21.10.12 at 16.10 a young man was seen by Humber Bridge control room CCTV. He approached the hand rail at the centre of the Bridge and jumped off with no hesitation.
Humber Rescue and Bridge authorities were mobilised but no trace of a body has been found since. At the time the tide was half way between low and high and the wind direction was SSW. The CCTV could not make out colour of clothing. Ray explained that the young man, who was 21, suffered from Autism and had recently come out of a state of depression but was attending counselling.

The team arrived at Hessle at approx 09.30 where two teams started to search the river going up stream towards Hull. Search locations included fall out pipe installations, jetty and pier structures and several marker buoys on both sides of the river. The search continued until approx 15.00 when it was agreed to call the search off due to very fast cross currents. It was also unlikely that the body was still in the river as the vast majority of bodies are swept out into the North Sea.

The team departed for the stores on 28.10.12.


Dave Egan
Ray Gray
John Wilkinson
Julie Ryan
Dean Mills
Matt Thomas

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