Search for Kirsty Carver 5th April

Kirsty was last seen in the early hours of March 5. Her car, with the keys still in the ignition, was found in a country lane hours after she was last seen.

Arrived at site at 08.17hrs. to meet rest of team and were briefed by Ian Dickenson, Chief Inspector.

Teams were headed by police search team leader and each search team allocated a number. Will be told by police when we get transport where we are going.

If a body is found the team will be taken to separate police station for de-brief.

Description of clothes worn by Kirsty:

Set off for Boothferry Rd. at around 11.20. and searched an area of land around Boothferry Rd. area.
Returned to main staging point at 14.15 stood down for lunch.

15.10hrs. Rab, Brian D. Willie and Steve left to go to Beverley.

We left at 15.10hrs.for Walkington.

Searched area along sides of a small road near Walkington.

Returned to base area at18.30, had a coffee and got stood down.

8th April 1998 – Second Search

Left base at 09.00. and drove to a quarry opposite Castle Hill Hospital. When we arrived quarry site was occupied by Gypsies. It was only a small quarry so there was no need for any rope work. We then moved on to designated search area. Nothing found. It rained quite heavily for a while. Returned to base at 11.50 and were stood down for some food.
12.45 Beverley Westwood – “rough going and wet in places”. Finished at 16.20 arrived back at base 16.30. Half-way through the meal we were told the search was suspended as the police were pursuing a specific lead.
Cleaned up kit and returned home at 18.00hrs.

Police discovered a woman’s body 37 days after Kirsty went missing from her home on 5 March in Hessle. She was found in undergrowth at Spurn Point, a nature reserve on the Humber estuary.

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