The Iveco has a crew cab at the front and segregated multi-role area at the rear

Donations from the Lottery Fund and the Nelson family are recognised on the back of the vehicle
Scottish region’s long anticipated new ambulance is on the road ready to respond to incidents.

The vehicle can respond to incidents carrying a team of 8 and has the ability to tow a trailer or rescue boat to incidents all over Scotland.

Multi-role vehicle

At an incident the vehicle can be transformed into a treatment area or command post whilst maintaining the ability to transport a casualty to hospital in safety. A full medical kit is carried complete complete with oxygen and defibrillator.

The vehicle conversion company Bott, located in Cumbernauld, carried out the design and build work based on IRC’s specifications.

With a long list of requirements and regulations to adhere to, the process of designing the most suitable vehicle took over a year.


It is with thanks to a combination of donations from members of the public, National Lottery funding and donations raised by the Nelson family that the vehicle could be realised.

With it’s high visibility presence in the region, the ambulance will help to raise the profile of our UK and international work, whilst carrying out an important safety role for the community.