Turkey March 1992


40.2N 39.9E – Erzincan, Turkey



Team Deployment

13 member rescue team

13th March 1992

The team were alerted and at 14.40 departed on a fight to Heathrow airport.

16.30 – Team members on their way to Istanbul.

15th March 1992

09.10 – After spending the night at the Consulate in Istanbul, the team are now on their way to Erzincan.
17.32 – Base camp set up.
The team have been working with a Dog Team from Germany, searching for casualties. Contact has been made with the American Military about the use of a helicopter to reach further areas.
17.49 – Informed that no further search and rescue teams are required.
18.47 – Personnel are now on stand-by.
Team now on stand down.

19th March 1992

Team returned to the UK.

Working on a rubble pile with the sound location equipment (Orbiphone). John Howman.

Team List:

John Holland – Team Leader
James Reynolds
Jack Drummond
Joseph Darrell
Mark Aldridge
John Howman
Keith Underwood
Graham Payne
Barry Sessions
Jonathon Ellis
Stuart Graveling
Keith Park
Susan Shirley