Urban Search and Rescue

About Us


International Rescue Corps are a specialist Urban Search and Rescue team responding to natural and man made disasters all over the world using specialist skills and equipment.

Our mission is ‘United To Save Life’ and this ethos applies to every action of our volunteer specialists.

After receiving a request for help, our aim is to mobilise a self-contained rescue team within minutes for UK missions or within 24 hours for overseas missions.

We are registered with the United Nations allowing us to operate as a search and rescue team under their co-ordination in times of international disaster.

We are supported entirely by donations made by the public and corporate sponsorship. Every penny goes towards saving lives as we do not employ staff in administration, fundraising or any other role in the Corps. We are a UK based charity and offer our services completely free of charge, whether in the UK or overseas.

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The Pioner Multi in use during the Hull floods.