Missing Person Search – 19th November 2009

At 2140, a call was received from Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service with a request to deploy boats to a person reported to have fallen into the River Carron. 2141: Paul Baxter (the IRC Scottish Organiser) was informed and started the mobilisation. The boats departed from Boness Fire Station with a police escort for the incident in Falkirk.

2212: The team were in attendance and were requested to stand-by, pending a risk assessment.

2227: Following a discussion with the Officer in Charge of the incident, IRC was requested to deploy to the Crematorium and start a bank search of the river from that point.

2300: The team were ready to start the search. Due to the number of public in the area a request for the police to help was placed with the Fire Service Control point and the search commenced leaving one team member to guard the kit.

20th November 2009

0005: The team was advised that they should return to the Crematorium and await further information as it is now believed that the call may have been a hoax.

0115: IRC was informed to stand down as the call was made in good faith but the person in the water had set up the incident as a hoax.

0215: Boats returned and team dismissed

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