Specialist search teams, including air support, were brought in to look for Julie Sowerby, 68, after the alarm was raised and International Rescue Corps took part in the search.

Mission report

All times are approximate.

  • At 23:30 a call was received from John S Anderson, with information that police in Linlithgow were searching for a missing woman.
  • 23:32 call police 101 number and was connected to Stirling control who said they would contact Edinburgh who would be controlling the situation.
  • 23:34 Call from Police requesting our assistance and the Thermal Imaging Camera and to make our way to Linlithgow Police Station
  • 23:35 Mobilise members available from closest location to Linlithgow
  • 23:50 Arrive Linlithgow P.S and were assigned two officers who would accompany us to first search area. A reported sighting of the lady was here at 22:00. Members of the public had been assisting in search. We were asked to search the wooded areas.
  • Due to an inclement weather forecast for the early hours of the 24th, time was critical.
This is the news story reported by STV News

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Helicopters, search dogs and specialist search teams were brought in to search for an elderly woman who went missing for ten hours.

Julie Sowerby left her home in Linlithgow, West Lothian at 6.40pm on Monday to walk her black collie cross dog. When the 68-year-old did not return, her family called the police and a huge search effort got under way.
Family joined police officers to search for the vulnerable pensioner before helicopters and search dogs were brought in. The International Rescue Corps, based at Grangemouth, also helped in the search.

Ms Sowerby and her dog were found safe and well at 5am on Tuesday in West Lothian. Police Scotland thanked everyone for their help in tracking the pensioner down.

Inspector Stewart Kirkland stated: “I would like to express my thanks to the media, general public and the International Rescue Corps, who responded quickly and made a significant contribution in helping to find Julie. Both Julie and her dog were found safe and well and have now been reunited with their family.”

  • 00:15 Arrive at first location. Partially wooded, bordering on water with houses close by.
  • 01:50 Search of area completed.
  • 02:00 Return to Police Station for warm drink.
  • 02:20 Requested to search a large open field area where she has walked her dog in the past.
  • 02:30 Begin Search of path and field.
  • 03:40 Search of area completed.
  • 03:50 Return to Police Station and stood down by Inspector in charge.
  • 04:20 Arrive home

Team Members:

Willie McMartin, Rab Barrie.

Equipment: Thermal Image Camera.

Weather: Mix of mild, to torrential, horizontal rain to strong, very cold wind . Gale force winds and snow were forecast for 24th from approx 06:00

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