Missing Person Search

At 1811hrs on the evening of the 11th Jan 2008, a call was placed to Rab Barrie (Scottish Group Organiser) informing him that a request for IRC‘s rescue boat may come from Central Scotland Fire & Rescue Service to attend an incident at Alloa Docks.

1813hrs: Rab contacted Willie McMartin regarding this information and was informed that Willie was available with a vehicle to tow the boat if required.  Rab then checked to ensure that a full crew was available at short notice.

1820hrs: Confirmation of the request to attend the incident was received.

1821hrs: Rab contacted Willie to say the call-out was confirmed and that he should collect John Anderson and then proceed on to Bo’ness Fire Station to uplift the boat; Jim Livingstone would meet them at the boathouse.

1823hrs: Willie left to pick up John Anderson in Grangemouth and then on to Bo’ness.  At the same time, the duty crew at Bo’ness Fire Station was asked to remove the boat from storage and make it ready for towing. The boat was uplifted and, complete with IRC crew, departed for Alloa.

Whilst on route a call was received stating that the tide was dropping.  The incident was a report that a male had jumped into the River Forth and, at this time, he could not be located from the shore using search lights.  From local knowledge, it was suggested that the boat should proceed to a launch site on the opposite side of the river which would still be available at this point in the tide and then motor to the incident some half mile across the river. 

Central Scotland Fire & Rescue Service agreed with this and contact was made with their control to advise them of the different address that IRC was proceeding to, and of the reason for the change.

1859hrs: A call was received informing the team that the male had been located by a police dog.  He had not entered the water as reported.

The boat was returned to Bo’ness and re housed, and the team stood down.

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