The first step to becoming operational is to join as a member and get in touch with your regional co-ordinator. You will then be invited to attend the next available session to experience training for yourself.



New Members
New Members

New Members

Complete a membership form and you will be introduced to the region closest to where you live.
Membership costs £35 per year.

New Members Form

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new members

Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals

Membership Renewal Form

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Note that all dates are subject to change due to UK callouts or overseas missions.

Seek confirmation from your regional Training Officer.



  • The minimum age to begin training is 18 years of age.
  • Membership can begin at the age of 16 but in line with the UK emergency services you cannot go operational until 18.
  • Our training is broken down into a series of modules and trainees receive signatures in their ‘Training Passport’ which allows them to deploy on the type of missions for which they have trained, once they have passed that relevant training.
  • There is no requirement to complete the training for all types of disaster, though deployment overseas for an earthquake would require comprehensive training in most modules.
  • Most trainees will probably choose to tailor their training to a particular type of UK mission, rather than completing all.
Image Square - Tunnel Rescue Training


Image Square - Ambulance

A Reminder

IRC have NO paid staff.
We are ALL volunteers.
ALL donations go to helping IRC operations

We are a UK based charity and due to the voluntary nature of the Corps, combined with the need for extensive training, this means that operational membership of the IRC is restricted to residents of the UK.