Over the past few weeks, IRC have mobilised their volunteers and assisted a local organisation, the Kersiebank Food Project in their delivery of a number of vital services to the community.

IRC assisted with the delivery of 10,000 frozen burgers from KFC to the local Kersiebank Food Project. We received a call on Saturday 11th April at 10.35 am for the assistance of the ambulance and a couple of members. We were required to assist with the unloading of the burgers as they were eventually delivered to the car park itself.

A request was also issued for any freezers in the area, and one of these was donated too. Once we took delivery of the burgers these were packed into the available freezers.

IRC were stood down at this point (around 12.30) as the remainder of the burgers were to be collected by groups in the local area.

This is just an example of what IRC are being asked to do. Other members are also responding to needs in their local community.