If you don’t have time to fundraise but want to help, why not collect your loose change?

You put any loose change in the box when you empty your purse or pocket. The boxes can be given to members, family, friends, workmates, and members of clubs (Scout Troops etc), but they cannot be put in shops, pubs etc as they are not public collection boxes.
The instructions are on the box as to their return.

collection box

piggy bankYou’ll be amazed just how much those small coins can mount up and every penny donated will go to the International Rescue Corps.
Just ask for a loose change box at the next training session or meeting – and then display it where everyone can see it. When the box is full, simply hand the box back to an IRC member or take it along to the next meeting – and if you are really keen you can exchange it for an empty one!
It’s that simple.

And why not encourage others to do the same? Every penny really does count. Your small change can make a big difference!

If you can’t wait to get started with this or if you need more information please contact your Regional Co-Ordinator.