On the 29th November, IRC led a half day team building session for a team of 19 employees from a major financial institution in Edinburgh.

On a bright and sunny afternoon, but with a rather chilly temperature outside of only 2 degrees, delegates were briefed by IRC’s Operations Director Willie McMartin.

The brief was to rendezvous at a particular location, set up a base camp, establish team roles and to search for a “missing person”.

A team coordinator was appointed from within the group who was then responsible for getting the team to the search location, establishing the base camp and coordinating the search teams. A base camp was set up, radios were distributed and the teams were given a further briefing from their team coordinator before setting out. The teams very quickly learned the need to actively listen to instruction and to effectively communicate both within their teams and also to other teams and the command cell.

The search was successfully carried out with one of the teams finding their “casualty” (an IRC volunteer!).

The next team challenge was to safely bring the casualty down off the hill in a stretcher to safety. Again, this reinforced the need for clear and concise instructions to be both given and carried out. With the overall objective of the session achieved – to reinforce the absolute necessity of team work and what is required to be an effective team, the afternoon ended with a cup of hot tea and a short debrief.


Here is some feedback from the delegates:

“It was a really good team working event and showed we need to work on our listening skills!”
“I really enjoyed the IRC activity and it was completely different from normal team building activities”
“It was really good fun and everyone really seemed to enjoy the session, something I would definitely recommend to others”

If you are interested in a similar event for your organisation then feel free to contact scottish_trainer@intrescue.org and we would be happy to discuss this further with you.