GerryAndersonLogoIRC is pleased to announce the launch of its very own march. A new series of music scores for Brass Bands and Wind Band ensembles has been restored from one of the last pieces scored by the late composer Barry Gray in the early 1980s and written for the real-life IRC.

Willie McMartin, IRCs Corps Director said “We are really excited about this announcement and would hope lots of bands and ensembles enjoy playing the march. The corps would also like to thank the Anderson estate for giving their full support to this”

BarryGrayRalph Titterton, restorer of the music archive from Barry Gray explained “Up until now any Barry Gray music produced has been someone else’s interpretation or arrangement. Now for the first time, these new arrangements will have been written directly from Gray’s original hand-written scores.”

Two versions of each arrangement has been written – one for Brass Bands and one for Wind Bands and full ordering details can be found on the Just Music website – IRC will receive 20% of the proceeds from this first sale.

Any further enquiries about IRC please email –

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Ralph Titterton
For the last 20 years Ralph has been working with, and restoring Barry Gray’s musical archive. Initially the focus was on re-mastering hundreds of studio audio reels which has resulted in a large series of original soundtrack CD’s being released for both the fan and commercial markets worldwide. These titles are ongoing. Then in 2008 he produced with his partner Cathy Ford, and Doctor of Music Francois Evans, a world premiere concert of Barry’s music for Gerry Anderson at London’s Royal Festival Hall with the Philharmonia Orchestra; to critical acclaim and proving Barry’s original sound could be re-created.

Since that time the focus has shifted more towards Barry’s hundreds of pages of music manuscript, scanning them to a high resolution digital format which has allowed them to be used with no risk to the originals. and

Alfie Pugh
Alfie Pugh graduated from Bath Spa University in 2012 with a First Class Honours degree in Music. During his time there he won multiple awards and gained a reputation for his composing and arranging skills. Among these achievements was success in the Charities Philharmonia Young Composers competition, for which Alfie composed a 16-minute piece for symphony orchestra, entitled Vasilisa The Beautiful, based on Russian fairy tales. The piece was performed and recorded at St. John’s, Smith Square in December 2011, and can be heard on Alfie’s website. He was also commissioned to compose a string quartet, which was performed by the Eberle Quartet in Salisbury in March 2011, and he has worked with the Anglo-Belgian ensemble Plus/Minus, for whom he composed Tom, Jerry & Bugs In A Blender, a homage to the music of the Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes cartoons. Since graduating, he has had music for woodwind ensembles published by Wonderful Winds, and is particularly proud to have been asked to produce brass and concert band arrangements of the music of Barry Gray, a composer who has influenced his work more than any other.

Crispin Merrell
Crispin began composing professionally at the age of 14; and, at 16 years of age, he was commissioned to write for the Amphonic Music Library. During his period with Amphonic, he composed, played and conducted various styles and genres of music, which included the Sony Playstation hit ‘Driver’ and the ITN News Special on the handover of Hong Kong to China. At the age of 23, Crispin was commissioned to write the music for the feature film ‘Death Machine’; and, it was during this time, that the legendary, international producer Gerry Anderson, MBE., heard Crispin’s music and asked him to work on his 24‐part TV series ‘Space Precinct’. Since then, he has worked on numerous film and TV projects including Gerry Anderson’s 26‐part TV series ‘Lavender Castle’ and ‘New Captain Scarlet’. Crispin grew up listening to Barry Gray’s memorable music for Gerry Anderson’s iconic TV shows and considers it an honour to be working on these new arrangements, music that will live on to be enjoyed by many generations to come.