Storms uprooted trees in the Stirling area

Responding to severe weather related incidents has become more common for the Corps up and down the country.

As a result, we continue to look at improvements we can make to enhance our capabilities and keep our rescue teams moving when we are called on to assist again.

Corps Director, Willie McMartin comments –

The operational side of the organisation were only too aware that, although we were able to cope with demands and deliver a high level of service when requested, this is sometimes simply down to the skill of the team members and their willingness to push normal limits.  We will keep looking at how we can improve our capabilities and service.


Simple steps for preparedness

  • Telescopic snow shovels, snow and mud mats have been placed in all vehicles to reduce the chance of becoming stuck in snow.
  • Supplies of road salt have been put in stock at our stores for the team’s use.
  • Hot water screen wash for vehicles, as demonstrated at the Scottish Emergency Services Show. This system converts the existing windscreen wash to a hot water system, reducing the formation of ice on wiper blades and windscreen and has the added bonus of helping to remove summertime bugs.
  • Quick sharpen chain saws have been trialled and will be fitted to existing equipment.