From approximately mid-day on the 8th December, the Central Belt of Scotland was hit by winds of up to 165mph in the North and over 100mph in most areas. The voluntary sector was placed on alert at approximately 13.17 hrs, as a precautionary measure.
At 14.03 hrs a call was received from Forth Valley Health Board requesting a four wheel drive vehicle to transport the out-of- hour’s nurses starting at 1800hrs, as roads were closed due to flooding, fallen trees and debris.

This was agreed and the information was passed to the voluntary sector control cell. The 4 x 4 carried a chain saw, recovery winch, towing equipment, road salt, shovels, full tool kit and emergency equipment. It helped the nurses based in the new Forth Valley Royal in Larbert to carry out 7 visits covering 83 miles.

The cell was to be manned from 1600 for the first time. This would act as the central contact point should further incidents develop, but would also act as a trial for the proposed system.

Representatives from the Red Cross, Lothian 4 x 4 Response and the International Rescue Corps would man the cell. The control cell was manned until 2030 hrs at which time it reverted to telephone only contact.

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