24th October 2008

1845hrs approx. A call was received on the Corps mobile from Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service asking for the boat to be mobilised to the incident at Bridge of Allan. They were informed we would attend and that we would get further details on arrival at Bo’ness Fire Station.

On arrival at Bo’ness the duty watch had made the boat ready. A further member joined me as crew and we proceeded to the Carse of Lecropt.

On arrival a brief from the OIC from the Fire and Rescue Service informed us that there were 3 horses cut off as the river had burst its banks. They were in approx 18 inches of water and the weather was deteriorating, with heavy rain and very high winds. They were unsure if any action could be taken. A formal risk assessment was carried out and a plan to use the Pioneer Multi was agreed. This would entail driving it across a very wet field, removing it from the trailer and man handling it down a slope into the water. The boat would then take the farmer across the deep section of water to where the horses were stranded. An attempt would then be made to fit a halter and take the horses to safer ground. The very high winds did give the Fire and Rescue Service great cause for concern.

The plan was put into action and worked well. The boat easily crossed the water to the higher ground but the horses were very easily spooked. After approx 1 hour the attempt was called off by the Fire and Rescue Service due to safety concerns. The boat was recovered by pulling it up the slope with the vehicle and then putting it back on the trailer.

All returned to Bo’ness where the duty watch helped get the equipment ready for service.

Incident closed at 2400hrs

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