Tuesday 26th July 1994
IRC was contacted and asked if our organisation had a THERMAL IMAGE CAMERA and if this item of equipment would be capable of locating a dog which had become lodged within a rabbit hole.

It was explained that we did have this item of equipment but we would be unable to locate a dog using it. After explaining the reasons for this and suggesting the use of a video probe, Mr Kemp indicated that he would pass on the information and suggestion to his client. He also indicated that the dog was missing on JURA and that we may be asked to fly to the island.
Approx 10 minutes later via telephone a full discussion took place covering the use of THERMAL IMAGE, VIDEO PROBE and SOUND LOCATION EQUIPMENT. IRC were asked to make arrangements to have British Airways deliver the video probe and liaise with PLM re the onward flight. This conversation was confirmed by a FAX which we received at 1136hrs.

Letter Requesting Help

The 2 member team and local equipment then travelled to Glasgow Airport, arriving at 1420hrs.

Willie McMartin reported to British Airways and Colin Aitken reported to PLM. After a short delay (due to problems encountered in locating the equipment within the airport) the 2 members and their equipment were transported by PLM to Jura with little or no problem.

On Jura, the team used both sound location and video equipment to search approx 60 rabbit holes.
A Thermal Image scan was also carried out during the cooler early morning hours. This task took from approx 5pm on the 19th until 2.45am on the 20th.
Work then resumed at approx 9.30am and was completed by 3pm on the 20th.
No trace of the dog (called Toffee) was found.

Although this was not the outcome that all had hoped for, it did however reassure the family that at least Toffee was not trapped within the above holes.

Willie McMartin
National Officer.


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