Clackmannan Gas Leak Tuesday 27th Nov 2012.

  • 20:45 Call received from Central Scotland VSCG asking the corps to respond to an incident in Tillicoultry.
  • 21:30 First team arrived at RV point.
  • 22:08 Second section of team arrived at community centre; First section were just leaving (van had been packed with heaters and hot plates for distribution) for the Tillicoultry district.
  • 22:10 VSCG coordinator arrives and goes into main SGN control room for incident. Informed by coordinators that all is in hand and there is nothing to be done.
    Members of the public were arriving at door and being provided with heaters etc.
  • 22:15 Called member who was still on route informing him of the situation and that they were winding down distribution for the night. He is to return to home address.
  • 22:40 IRC was informed that coordinators were concerned about a number of vulnerable persons/homes in Coalsnaughton that they had been told of. The available member volunteered to assist but they were unwilling to allow him to go single crewed.
  • 22:45 Call to member who was at home asking him to attend the community centre.
    IRC was given list of houses in the village that were considered most vulnerable and requested to visit as many as possible (considering the time of night).
  • 22:50 Isuzu loaded to capacity with heaters and hotplates.
  • 23:00 Last member arrived and the team leave immediately for Coalsnaughton.
  • 23:07 Arrive Coalsnaughton one address had been highlighted as priority and this was dealt with immediately.
    We continued to contact the addresses on the sheet and provided several with heaters/hotplates.
  • 23:45 Due to the lateness and not being able to contact some occupants it was decided that we should return to the community centre.
  • 2346 First section returned due to late hour and problems of getting answer to doors.
  • 23:52 Return to community centre and Inform control of houses contacted etc. First section in process of unloading van.
  • 23:55 Second section return to RV. Unload vehicle.

Wednesday 28th Nov 2012.

  • 00:00 A Request from the coordinators that we return (08:00) next morning. IRC confirmed one member would attend.
  • 00:15 All leave for home .
  • 00:45 All returned to home addresses.
  • 07:30 Member mobile to Tillicoultry in R999 SCU, Corps Ambulance.
  • 07:50 At the Community Centre and loading with heaters and hotplates. The request is to continue from where the team stopped in Coalsnaughton earlier that night.
  • 08:15 Mobile to start deliveries.
  • 09:10 A call from VSCG coordinator to ask if we could help with the incident in Tillicoultry. He was informed that we were already helping.
  • 11:00 Ochills Mountain Rescue team deliver additional stock to IRC team member to keep him in the area.
  • 12:20 IRC returned to the Community Centre as the area allocated had been completed.
  • 13:10 IRC asked if he would team up with a member from the Red Cross and cover an area in Tillicoultry which had many individuals who had not answered on the first call.
  • 13:20 Out in local area.
  • 14:40 Returned to Community Centre.
  • 15:00 IRC asked if they could visit some additional no answers and some vulnerable people just reported. All in the local area.
  • 15:05 Mobile in the local area.
  • 16:35 Returned to the Community Centre and received a call from VSCG coordinator stating that all voluntary services were to stand down.
  • 16:45 Asked by the Emergency Planning Officer from the Council if IRC would help deliver letters to residents in the local area with information on the incident. IRC agreed and called additional members to see if they could relieve him as he had to be in Falkirk at 18:00. It was agreed that they would return as soon as they collected the ambulance on its return to Falkirk.
  • 17:30 Ambulance returned and second section mobile to the Community Centre.
  • 18:00 Team arrive Tillicoultry and make contact with Caroline. Informed that police are coordinating task. IRC is given an area to the east of the golf club and North of Main Street. Street names to be covered by us are provided by Sgt. All houses to be given a copy of letter containing information on incident and details of opening hours of centre. Contact numbers for SGN and Clacks council are also included.
  • 18:20 Begin distribution. All streets logged when completed and homes where no entry was available noted. (Secure flats)
  • 21:30 Allocated streets have been accounted for and we return to coordination centre to pass information to police re non deliverable addresses. Informed that all homes in Tillicoultry must have letters that night. We volunteered to continue but were thanked for our effort and stood down.
  • 21:40 Leave coordination centre.
  • 22:10 Arrive home

Areas covered.

27th Nov 2012  – Tillicoultry – 4 Streets. Coalsnaughton – 3 Streets.
28th Nov 2012  – Coalsnaughton – 10 Streets. Tillicoultry – 9 Streets. Dollar – 1 Street.
Tillicoultry – 7 Streets.
Tillicoultry – 12 Streets.

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