At approx 1530hrs on 14th February 2009 whilst the team were carrying out orienteering training in Beecraigs National Park, Linlithgow, they were approached by a park warden and advised that a woman had fallen off of a horse and was lying unconscious somewhere in the park.

The park warden advised that the ambulance service had been called and that a helicopter was on its way along with RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle) and ambulance.

Jamie called Willie and Annie for assistance as they stayed close to the location and could respond quickly with a 4×4 vehicle.

Details of the woman’s location along with further details on her breathing were sketchy and we were told which general direction she was believed to be. Luckily, the team located the woman very quickly. She was sitting on the ground, dazed but conscious, accompanied by her daughter.

Jamie carried out a quick casualty assessment before steadying the woman’s head as she was complaining of stiffness and pain in her neck.
Approx 5 minutes later the RRV arrived and the paramedic put a collar on the casualty’s neck. A short time later the ambulance, and Willie and Annie arrived. Andrew G then assisted the park warden in getting the grid reference of our location to pass to the helicopter.

The casualty was moved onto a spine board and carried to the ambulance, by paramedics and IRC members.

While responding to the incident, the RRV had become stuck in mud and IRC members assisted in pushing the vehicle back up the hill and out of the mud.

With the incident closed the team returned to their previous duties.


Jamie Buchanan (Team Leader).
Andrew Goldie
Andrew Ablett
Sandra Fisher
Liz Steel
Lorna McKinlay
Gordon McTavish

Additional Team

Willie McMartin
Anne Marie Macdonald

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