13 February 2013

At 1354hrs we received a call from the Voluntary Sector Coordination Group contact, to ask if we could help with a request from the local health board. The request was, a nurse, working for the complex care team, required a 4 x 4 vehicle to pick her up and take her to her patient. A relief nurse would then be transported to the patients address and the first nurse returned to her home. The second nurse would require transport home in the morning of the 14th. The address was near Aberfoyle and IRC had attended here in January. It was agreed that the Corps could undertake this task. VSCG coordinator would confirm the details in full with the health board and pass on the information.

  • 1402 IRC Regional Coordinator informed of the request and it was agreed that he would attempt to get a second member as crew in case of snow.
  • 1500 Robert Barrie confirmed as second member on the evening of the 13th and Graeme Wick for the 14th.
  • 1502 From VSCG details of pick up confirmed.
  • 1600 Willie McMartin mobile to pick up Robert Barrie and then to Stirling to uplift nurse. She was then transported to Gartmore.
  • 1815 Crew returned home.
  • 2020 Crew mobile to Denny to pick up second nurse and then to Gartmore. Returning to home quarters after taking nurse back to Stirling.
  • 2310 Crew back at home quarters.

14th February 2013

  • 0620 Willie mobile to Stirling to join up with Graeme Wick and then to Gartmore.
  • 0910 All returned home after taking nurse to Denny.
  • 0913 Stand down.

Team: Willie McMartin, Robert Barrie, Graeme Wick, 4 x 4 Toyota Hi Lux – Mileage 262 miles.


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