Monday 19th November 2012.

1440 – IRC was alerted by a local Doctor that the area around her practice was suffering from floods and informed us that in her opinion we would be required.
1450 – Robert Barrie was informed of the situation and agreed that he would contact both the police and the fire service whilst Willie McMartin would make contact with the VSCG (Voluntary Sector Coordination Group) covering Central Scotland.

  • 1457 – IRC was asked to go on standby from the VSCG (Red Cross duty officer). This was based on information that help may be requested by the Emergency Planning Department of Stirling Council.
    A start was made to pulling kit together and getting availability as the request was for 4 x 4 vehicles and possibly personnel? Both Robert Barrie and Willie McMartin were available with 4 x 4s.
    Information was requested from Fire Control on road access etc.
  • 1600 – IRC was asked to mobilise by the VSCG to help at a rest centre. It was pointed out that IRC would not normally be the first choice for this task. They were informed that as they were on stand by and had suitable vehicles available that they were being asked. Both vehicles mobilised with a driver available for the ambulance should it be required.
  • 1658 – Both vehicles in attendance at the Rob Roy Hotel to meet up with a Stirling Council Representative.
    There followed a number of telephone calls and discussions between all concerned, including the Police who were also in attendance and had mobilised 4 x 4 vehicles which had started to arrive.
  • 1730 – IRC was informed to stand down.
  • 1820 – All vehicles returned home and stand down complete.

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